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Help with layout - living room, dining room, kitchen

3 years ago

I am having a hard time deciding which layout to go with for our main living/dining/kitchen area. Here are the details...the area out by the sliding glass doors to terrace is a vaulted ceiling up to the top floor with large windows. The area on the front of the house is regular ceiling height (9ft I believe) and has windows only on front wall of house. I have included photos of two different layouts and not sure which one is best. If we go with dining and kitchen out back by terrace, the living room would be more intimate and cozy and also away from the kids bedrooms giving them more privacy at night after dinner. Our architect thinks we should have the dining room tucked away and have the living room out with the kitchen. He says the dining should be more intimate and when we are entertaining, then everyone will be out in the main area, closest to the water. I am not a fan of having a sofa in the middle of a room and the room would be asymmetrical because of the 3rd bedroom door. It also puts the TV above a wet bar which I am not a huge fan of. I could forgo the wet bar and just do a builtin instead if we do have the living room and kitchen out in main area. Any and all feedback is very much appreciated!!! Sorry for the non ideal drawings...I don't have any special design programs.

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