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need to repot cat orchid.... what is the best kind of pot

3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

When I bought it, it was in a plastic pot with no holes except the bottom. Should I get another plastic pot... the one it came in was green and you could not see the roots. Should I go ceramic, plastic, wood.... I am in zone 10 Palm Beach County Florida and will be keeping it outside. The current size appears to be 6 inch diameter. The canes are growing over the sides and the medium is starting to break down so I need to do something..... It has bloomed once for me.... had three canes that had NUMEROUS flower buds that was going to bloom and either a squirrel or iguana ate them...... GRRRRR

Should I use a special mix already made for cats.... or use the clay pebbles....

I am a novice... so any help is GREATLY appreciated.

Thank you


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