Bathroom/closet layout help

7 months ago

We are renovating our master bath/closet area to enlarge the bathroom and make a walk-in closet, and we're debating whether to access both the closet and the bathroom separately from the bedroom, or whether we should access the closet through the bathroom.
Option 1 (accessing both rooms separately) has the closet oriented for cabinets on the longer walls, but has a narrow aisle. I see the benefit of this layout as being able to access the closet while someone else is using the bathroom, and reducing the risk of moisture damaging clothing.
Option 2 (accessing closet from the bathroom) has the benefits of a wider aisle(if we skip the door) and the ability of onr person to get ready completely with less disruption to the other person, but increased risk of moisture issues since this is a rather small area (7'×15' total area).
What would you choose? (We are not moving plumbing since it mirrors our hall bathroom).

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