Advice needed: tiny teen bedroom layout/decor (colors/patterns ect)

My son is about to be 16 and like most teenagers he spends most of his time in his room and is dealing with depression. I'm trying to help his state of mind by fixing up his space. So far: new bed frame (full),dark grey upholstered panel bed, will be mounting his flat screen tv and video game console but not even sure where yet.. Considered painting old dresser but decided on getting rid of it & maybe use hanging shelf in closet or look for something taller with a couple drawers for things that can't be hung or just stick with using a nightstand with a couple drawers,as it must not take up much space as his room is only 8' x 11' plus an awkward little space where his closet ended to leave a small 3'x2' area just to the right(behind?) where the door opens. I'm looking for comforter or duvet cover and some throw pillows, curtains, rug, nightstand,and lighting. So far I haven't decided on a color palette. That is what is stopping me from purchasing the things I listed. Trying to combine the colors he suggested yet keeping it masculine is my problem. That and the fact that we can't paint or change carpet(renting)We may have to go outside of his favorite colors but the colors he asked for are cyan, purple, & yellow. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Aside from the color coordinating dilemma, the main reason I'm posting is for suggestions on layout. Starting with where to put the bed specifically. If I put it against 8ft wall it leaves about 1.5ft space at end of bed that I can't decide what to do with. If I put it long way down the 11' wall the amount of space left is awkward as well. He used to have a large recliner and a long 6 drawer dresser that left not much space to even walk through. I'm thinking of replacing the dresser with a futon we have in another room to give somewhere for his friends to sit and him to play games from. Unless I come across another seating solution that is comfy yet not taking too much space. The futon or any seating I can imagine would only work if bed goes against short wall. That may be best I think, but need suggestions what to use that awkward space at foot of bed for. Suggestions for any other layout possibilities are welcome, as well as color palette suggestions and any specific furniture or decor advice is welcome. I'm not good with any of this, especially combining color/pattern ect., so I'm worried it's going to end up looking like a blind person decorated it. I am hoping for the room to give my son a sense of calm,content,cozy,comfort,at the same time a cheery and uplifting feeling.( He also does school with in there so lighting is important and I have a little drop down table/desk I plan to put somewhere) I will post pics of room shortly in case that will help with suggestions. Thanks for taking the time to read this post. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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