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Suggestions on kitchen layout

3 years ago

Hi everyone. Looking for some help on my kitchen layout. Below is the proposed plan and layout. Also some pictures of the space now. Anything is better than what I have - its 40 years old. But want to get the most useful space possible. I have asked my KD to revise the plan pictured to include a true island instead of an open cabinet (originally wanted it to be light and airy). I decided I would love to have a hood over the range and the best place I feel to put a microwave would be under counter in that island. Doing so will eat up a large part of the island, I know. But I am ok with that.

I am looking for any suggestions to make this as good as it can get for what we have! Some concerns I have with this layout are:

- The smaller SS in the corner. The plan is for a 33" SS and I'm worried the opening will be too small to store the items I plan for there - salad spinner, crock pot, blender, large bowls, wok. But moving to the larger susan, I need to find the extra 3" I believe it is.

- Would reducing the pantry size 3" to accommodate the 36" SS be a bad idea?

- I could also move the trash cabinet elsewhere, but where? Thought maybe to left of the stove. OR squeeze it in the small island maybe? Can I do a 15" trash and put the recycling under the sink. Currently my recycling is under the sink and trash in a can across the room.

- I need a drawer near the dishwasher for silverware, so moving the trash elsewhere would free up that spot for some drawers or a drawer/ cabinet,

- is a 30" sink base large enough? I have a larger sink base now, but only a 20" sink in my current kitchen. Under the sink needs to hold some cleaning supplies, soap, etc (and possibly the recycling).

Suggestions appreciated. I hope the details above are helpful, not overkill.

(Note - we do not want to remove the wall between the kitchen and dining room for various reasons. Just want to update and make better.)

Thank you so much everyone!

Current kitchen:

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