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George Davis
7 months ago
last modified: 7 months ago

What's with these snowflakes, there's a scroll button just to the right use it. For the others I like growing plants. This is a project I'm starting this year to grow a large garden using using a method I call Agro-Bio-Ponics.

This is part of the Tropical part of the yard. This part has 28 Brown Turkey figs, 8 Coffee from seed, 5 Meyer cuttings, 5 large coffee trees ( I expect those will flower come May).

The Brown Turkey Fig will be transplanted yet to 2gal insert with 5gal bucket. Those will be let out to over winter outside.

These are 5lb inserts with 2gal containers. Two Mini-Orange tree one from seed the other cutting. There's a Meyer Lemon and two Ponderosa Lemons one from seed the other cutting. There four other rooms with even more plants than this one.

Tropical doesn't mean fruiting. This is a Fiddle leaf fig. The are ten of the growing Anaerobically. It just mean tropical to our area. The garden is going to set up in separate sections. Come May these types will be transferred to an Aerobic system like the others.

So I'll be pasting picture and information for transferred to the cloud anyway so if curious just ask.

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