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How to create a grand entrance for our property?

Fred Jackson
2 years ago

My wife and I own 60 acres of land in rural Montana. We are interested in building a house on the property, but the street frontage situation is unique. The property gains access to the public road via a 60 foot wide easement. Another homeowner has built a road upon a portion of the easement, so I can either use his driveway to access my property or create my own driveway. I am interested in creating an entrance that is grand like shown in the pictures.

Attached are three images. The first one (with the white car) shows the current state of the cul-de-sac with the driveway. I sketched out the boundaries of the access easement in the color ink pen. The second is another picture of what it looks like but before the driveway was put in place. (the blue scribbles show where the current driveway is located). The third shows an example of a grand entrance.

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