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February 2021 Week 1

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Ok, today is actually 1-31-2021, but lets just call it February.

The weather forecast (long-range of course), shows that I will have one of my coldest temperatures of all winter this coming weekend, 17F Saturday morning, with more precipitation in advance of it. It's not yet Dawn's little boats time...but I do wish it would slow down just a tad on the rain. After that, the admittedly unreliable forecast, shows things trending toward mild frosts through February and incipient spring. Can't say I'm not ready to see things start growing and blooming again, though even with Covid times, it seems impossible that it's 2021 even.

Yesterday evening, I was told that my last remaining uncle was terminal with that c word thing. As you may remember, Thursday my father went into assisted living. I decided (both due to his hearing as well as this wasn't the kind of news you give over the phone) to drive up and inform him of his brother's condition. I also had a bathrobe from Amazon delivered for him yesterday, so I took that. I had to still clean out his fridge to prevent nasty smells and stuff. So, I did a very late afternoon trip. When I got there, I had to get administrator permission to visit (not sure if that's about being later than their normal visitor hours, or because he's in quasi-quarantine).

He's been insisting I take his car (which is actually very much needed, I'm driving a 2001 Camry that should really be in an assisted living facility itself), so I got the title and keys, then parked it in his garage till my aunt (mom's sister) can drive me over and drive it back. I don't know about everyone else, but I have to take a bit to get to know a new car. I was very cautious backing it up..not wanting to give too much gas and end up in the neighbors yard or impacting my current car. I couldn't find the headlight 'off' switch for quite some time. You know..those sort of things? He hasn't been driving for 2 years or so, but probably should have stopped about 8 years ago.

With new plants it takes a bit to learn their quirks, you have to figure out how fast they dry out, (and with orchids) whether when they're dry the pots become unstable because they're so light (filled with dried sphagnum in this case, but bark mix is also light), and check daily or every other day to see how they're adjusting to life in your new home. I think I'm due for an orchid inspection today for the ones that arrived Friday. Inspection complete, moss still damp to the touch, no water today.

I took time to chat with what I would call my godson (son of a former co-worker when I lived in Nebraska). I remember throwing him in the lake when he was six years old, and pestering him, but also encouraging him to start reading fantasy (I then gifted him with a Lord of The Rings set). It set him on the course of being a very active reader. He's now 33 and getting married this fall. His father and he visited me this past summer. I hope he has time to visit this year, with wedding and all. I remain mostly a social hermit, but I do have a few friends :)

Take care everyone, stay safe, stay warm and dry, stay connected.

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