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Kitchen Cabinet Layout - Full Overlay and Spacing/Filler Dilemma

2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

Hi everyone. I am currently designing a kitchen layout for a future build. I am having an issue with the spacing needed for full overlay cabinets. I want to make sure there is enough clearance for the doors on two of my wall cabinets to open without rubbing or interfering with the tall Fridge Surround End Panel and the Oven/Micro Cabinet. Also, I have the dishwasher in between the sink base and the Fridge Surround End Panel. Will there need to be any type of base end panel between dishwasher and the fridge panel for counter top support? Affecting the total length of the base run would affect the total top cabinet length as well. I believe if I add filler/spacing/support, it will affect both top and bottom cabinets as each issue deals with cabinets butting up against tall end panels/cabinets. I would like to keep the layout as even and symmetrical as possible. I am not a fan of having cabinets of multiple sizes and different door sizes next to one another (I blame it on my OCD). I have attached a picture of the proposed layout idea. Any tips or information would be greatly appreciated!

Kitchen Size: 11'6 (11'9 max) X 13'6 (13'9 max)

Cabinets: Schrock - Pleasant Hill (Shaker) - Full Overlay (1/4" reveal)

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