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Living Room Conundrum

Danielle Matijas
3 years ago

So I need help. We moved into a new house a few weeks ago. The hubby and I want to make updates but are a little lost as to where to start. I thought to tackle the living room first as my assumption is it won't necessitate as big of an expenditure (vs the entire kitchen and 2 bathrooms we eventually want to remodel). My issue is I am not sure how to best layout the furniture (and if I am being honest I am very nervous about the entire process- I am imaging getting the project done and just hating everything I picked out).

Our ideas so far:

German smear to revamp the fireplace & statement mantle

We have a ton of wood that my parents have donated to our efforts- a lot is from 2 black walnuts that they had cut down on their property a couple of years ago, as well as some big "chunks" they have had sitting in their barn for this side of forever. Our plan is to do a good size mantle out of one of these pieces.

(inspo image)

The German smear is my husbands idea- in all honesty I just don't like brick fireplaces.

I think that the view from the French doors is the best part of the room- not sure how to highlight it. I bought some curtains for now to frame the door.

Curtains I bought:

We have looked at paint a little bit and I like the color below but am not married to it.

Below is our current set up. It function OK but there are obvious problems. Mainly it feels a bit awkward and my 4 year old toys get EVERYWHERE. I bought the big basket for her to put her stuff in but as you can see it has a way of migrating through the room.

We also want to buy new furniture for the room- there is an Ethan Allen not far from us and we might check that out. I also like Maiden Home but am nervous about buying a couch completely online. The current couch is from Pottery Barn- at the time I thought it was a bit of a splurge but we have had it about 4 years and it has NOT fared well- very worn, and I would not buy from them again.

I have attached pictures below of our current set up and a pic of the original plans for the room for scale. There are also some pictures of the room empty is that helps.

Does anyone have some advise on how to arrange the furniture? We are also all ears for tips on how to update the room beyond hanging some curtains lol.

Thank to everyone in advance!

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