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How would you rework master suite with extra space added to the plan?

3 years ago

Covid delayed our build last year. I was completely happy with my plan, but since Covid, have changed my mind to have an actual office space for me to work from home and would also like to make the basement exercise room larger.

I am now ready to go, but thinking about adding space by getting rid of the corner bumpout (for a larger exercise room in the basement!) I have also decided to change the larger mudroom to my office space. I would love to get a smaller (8*8?) office space for my husband as well...but that isn't necessary. I have the main portion of the bathroom designed off a photo that I loved, with the double vanity and a makeup counter/cabinetry on the other side. I really love how the laundry has access to both closets plus the hallway. I also really want to keep a vestibule that accesses the bedroom/bathroom/closets. And, the master bedroom has to stay on the far right side, as we want our master deck off there. (I only want windows on the one side of the bedroom). The office space is getting a 2 ft bumpout as well. Since the grading won't start for another month, I have a little bit of time to change this up to give me a larger basement space. (I would LOVE to put in a spiral staircase from the master suite directly to the workout room!) The exercise room will be on the right side of the plan.

If I can't work this to be better than it is now, I will not add the bumpout. With lumber still so high, I figure that the framing cost is about the same eliminating the bumpout, and the foundation cost increase will be pretty minimal. I've played with this a bit, but would love your creative ideas to see what I can do by adding the space. (The powder room space can also move, and the side porch/garage will already be adjusted there is some wiggle room there.)

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