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Kitchen Layout Design Help!

3 years ago

We are redoing our kitchen with IKEA, but I'm running into problems with the layout / placement of things.

We've removed a wall between our kitchen and dining, will be extending our cabinets to where the wall was removed, and will add peninsula/breakfast bar.

This is our first pass with the IKEA planner; originally not making big deal out of sink placement, but later realizing it's awful...

A few problems I'm finding:

1. No other option for fridge

2. Awkward window placement/size does not allow sink to be center and have a dishwasher beside it.

3. If left as pictured above by Ikea designer, sink is too close to fridge it feels.


1. Could try to move DW to beside range??

2. Could remove window on fridge side wall and just have wall to enable range (and hood microwave) to go beside fridge (but have no idea how to fill window in as our house is built in 1950 and it's red brick on the outside of the window), then I'd add a window on range side wall and place sink & DW on the range wall (swap range for sink and DW)

3. Try to widen the window on fridge side wall and place DW beside fridge, then sink (try to have DW under one window panel and sink under the other??

Any other ideas? Cramming the sink, DW, and fridge in the space just doesn't seem like the best idea, but removal of window - just not sure if that's possible or in budget.

Here is kitchen now before any work (we've already taken down uppers):

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