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Can't find low profile LED and a remote dimmer

I am trying to add some lighting to a small home office. This has turned out to be complicated by a number of factors. The office was originally designed as a "sun porch": it's single story, lots of windows, low ceilings, and the only wall it shares with the house is mostly chimney and a door, plus a section of external asbestos shingles. All that means that bringing additional wiring into the room is very difficult.

There is a single overhead light in the middle of the room. I would like to put some sort of lighting over two desks, located at either end of the room. I would like to install lights with some sort of remote dimmer module so that (a) I can feed the lights from the existing light in the ceiling, so no additional wiring coming into the room, and (b) control the lights with a remote/phone app/etc so that I don't need to look into adding switches and external conduit to the walls.

It's easy to find bright, high-CRI, low profile LED lighting. There are panels, wafer downlights, light bars, etc. The problem is that while most of these products claim to be "dimmable", I haven't been able to find a remote dimmer that works with them.

I started with these lights (wafer downlights, so they will fit into the limited ceiling space and they claim to have a 90 cri and put out 1190 lumens). I've tried a couple of remote dimmers, this one from Skylink and this one from Sonoff.

The Skylink resulted in a completely unacceptable degree of flickering in the light.

The Sonoff doesn't seem to cause flickering...but it also doesn't seem to actually dim the light.

Some friends recommended the Philips Hue line, but they don't seem to have anything that would fit the space: the closest I could fine was this downlight, but ufortunately that's designed to fit into a can, and the ceiling simply doesn't have the space for that.

Does anyone have any suggestions for either (a) a particular lighting product I should look at or (b) a remote dimmer module that will successfully dim an LED?

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