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Master bedroom tray ceiling rope light, dated?

3 years ago

Hi, we are in the process of building a new home (foundation stage). Our plans call for a tray ceiling (going from 8’ to 9’) in the master bedroom, with rope lighting. I’m starting to think this is a dated look and won’t fit in with the rest of our home. We will also have a ceiling fan (the plan calls for lighted, but I’m generally not a fan, ha!, of the strobing that results from many lighted ceiling fans).

What does Houzz think? Is it a dated look to have rope lighting in a tray ceiling? Should we do lights on the ceiling fan? Perhaps an unlit ceiling fan and 4 LED disc lights in the tray, and of course some table lights and maybe a freestanding floor lamp of some sort?

We really do like having a ceiling fan in our bedroom, and usually leave it running year-round to help circulate air. But I would be open to suggestions for other ideas as well. I do like the look of a nice fixture over the bed as well, but worry that we’ll miss the fan. Anyone ditch their ceiling fan and regret it?

The room is roughly 16 1/2’ by 14 1/2’. There are two 32”x64” windows.

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