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January 2021 Week 3

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And here we go...into the later half of January.

Well, it looks to be colder (on avg) for me than it has been most of the winter, but (as of right now) February is looking like early spring (that probably means a polar vortex and 2 foot of snow, right?).

Well, I'm surprised that I can't find any daffodil noses poking up, usually I see some by now. While it hasn't seemed cold, apparently there's be enough episodic cold that they're still keeping their noses tucked into the 'warm' ground.

I have outstanding orchid, perennial, and clematis on order (three separate vendors) and while no one is shipping this early (and the only one that I might want so early would be the clematis), I still yearn to see 'Package out for Delivery' notices.

This week should see a new President installed (assuming truly bad things don't happen..who knows this is the addendum month of 2020 apparently) and HOPEFULLY a resumption of normal calm and order (wishful thinking? is it possible? I sure hope so..I'm tired of anxiety).

I'm sure (if you have facilities to do so, like greenhouse or lights), it's time to start tomatoes. However, if I did it in my windowsills, I'd have long lanky oversized tomato vines long before I could possible put them for me, it's not time (lol). I'm going to have enough fun transplanting my false sunflower and purple coneflowers are that up now. I am anxiously awaiting Japanese primroses to emerge too. I have a baggie of European Marsh Gladiolus that will get planted next week, and that's *all* that I have going in any way indoors yet. I have a pot each of garden phlox hybrids, and nodding wild onions out in pots in the yard...awaiting natural sprouting time. I have several more seed lots, but I *think* (if my research was correct) nothing else needs any cold time, so I won't start them till weather moderates to frost-free.

Just for kicks, I may make a collage of the african violets that are blooming and post sometime during the week. I don't know if the bloom I'm getting now (which usually arrives March/April) is related to weather or because I'm feeding a bit more often...I really don't know. but that's the essence of gardening, trying things and learning more each year.

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