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Exterior stucco - Paint color suggestions

2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

Hi, I'm looking for some paint color recommendations (BM because I have a swatch book from them).

The vinyl siding on the second level is being replaced with stucco.

Also, The bay window, up to the roof dormer, will also be framed out with stucco.

The garage door and front door will be painted (not sure the color) and the front doors will be changed and can be any color (I'm thinking charcoal/black).

I like both BM Chelsea Gray and Rockport.

Once the stucco color is decided, I'll have to choose a color for the stucco mouldings (which will go around the window as well provide a trim just under the roof lines).

Current state of affairs:

Chelsea Gray

BM Rockport Gray

We scrapped the stone work. The bay window will have stucco where the stone is indicated. The siding will be stucco. You can see the trim I refer to, just below the soffits.


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