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Front yard landscaping design

I'm looking for design ideas...

My neighbor just put up this white vinyl fence this week.

There used to be a nice flow between the properties - yeah grass isn't looking great, but hers was the same :-)

The white fence is on the property line on the back side (right side of the picture).

But with the angle it was done, it ends up about 1-2' inside her property line out by the sidewalk.

I'm assuming it's okay if I do what I want on this side of the white fence at this point.

I was working on re-mulching some areas on my side.

Now I'm not sure where to go with things.

I can't think of any good design ideas that work with keeping the small 2' block wall there. Maybe one potential idea that expands the mulched area a foot beyond where it is on the front side, and the right side of the small block wall?

But that space between the block wall and white fence now feels very awkward.

Do you see any design options that involve keeping that small block wall in place? Or does it need to go?

Would love to grow more food in the front yard too, in inconspicuous ways, or fruit trees.

And I'm not into lots of grass area.

But I do want to keep it also looking decent for future curb appeal.

I'm not sure where to go with it at this point.

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