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Something interesting you may enjoy! Grace Rose Farm is selling plants

3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago


Hi Friends! It’s that time of year where we take stock of our roses and decide on which roses we’re going to add to the farm. This means we have plants that need new homes so we’d like to offer them to flower farmers looking to add to their rose collection!⁣

💗 Flower Farmers 💗⁣

Details: These are popular cutting varietals we will still grow and we’re just looking to thin out some of our inventory. All plants are 5 years old, very high yield production, organically fed and maintained, grafted roses. They are extremely large, with significant, healthy, thick canes. These are not starter plants or small bare roots you will need to wait to cut from and thus are priced accordingly. There will be a significant minimum of plants to purchase and buyers will be responsible for pickup or shipping. They will be shipped dormant this winter.⁣

To inquire, please leave a note below and we’ll contact you privately to let you know which varietals we have available and costs. Thank you!

"Below" means on their Instagram post which can be found here. Scroll down to the image below on their page and click on it to open the post above so you may contact them. I tried posting it from the open page but HOUZZ doesn't appear to play nicely with Instagram and it won't work.

Likely not indicative of the specific varieties they wish to offload, but sharing the image the company posted to illustrate their wares. Beautiful!

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