possible asbestos exposure from old floor tile

Paul W
9 months ago

I believe my floor has vinyl/asphalt tiles that contains asbestos. There was a golf ball sized "pot-hole" on the ground. I further damaged it by rolling over it with an office chair wheel, and led to some small pieces to fall off. But this only happened a few times. Aside from that, we did regular wet mopping over the floor.

Yes, I know it wasn’t good, but “non-friable” ACM (asbestos containing material) don't tend to release a lot of fiber when you damage it right? as opposed to say, friable ones like popcorn ceiling or insulation. I just hope that even when I crumbled it with my office chair, most asbestos were still bound up in the flooring material. Maybe some fiber got released but at least I didn't put my nose up to it and snuff it.

Also, there is concrete underneath the tiles. Does anyone know if it was common to find asbestos in the concrete?

How worried should I be?


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