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how do I achieve some privacy?

last year

As you can see from the pic, my neighbors house sits MUCH higher than mine. They are really nice neighbors...but I’ll get comments on how much they like my new garden bench (on m6 patio up against the house), for example - when they have never been to my house. I just really want a little privacy rather than feeling like everything we do is on display! The slope going up is heavily shaded by mature trees (significant roots everywhere) and is dry. I don’t see anything being planted there that will grow well. My ideas are to plant large evergreens behind the stacked stone wall or to try a pergola in front of the wall with a patio underneath in the hopes that the pergola will somewhat interrupt the line of sight from above us. However, because their house is SO much higher I’m not sure either of those ideas really stands a chance. Any other ideas out there?

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