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Please help with living room furniture arrangement - TIA!

2 years ago

Hi everyone!

I've been mulling over how to arrange seating furniture in the living room for the last 5 months. As seen in the image, the living room dimensions is approximately 13'2" x 16'6". There is an electric fireplace in the corner, which complicates the furniture (for me). We want the focal point to be our 85" wall-mounted TV, which I've shown with the zig zag on the right wall. FYI the windows on the bottom wall start at waist-high.

We've considered things from:

  • 1 U-shaped sectional
  • 1 L-shaped sectional + chair (seen below)
  • couch with chaise + chair

SO hates the idea of a traditional couch + loveseat + chair combo because he likes the idea of a chaise-like thing as part of the main couch, but maybe he can be convinced if that is the best option...

Can you please share what seating furniture you'd put in this space and how you'd arrange it? Also how big the size should be?

Items we've seriously considered are the IKEA Kivik 5-seat corner sectional (11 ft wide), and the RTG Highland Lake 2-pc Sectional (10ft wide). Are these too large for our space?

Any input is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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