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What is the maximum floor transition between tile and vinyl flooring?

M Miller
last year

I took out all the carpet and padding upstairs. I purchased vinyl flooring and I did not purchase an underlayment.

I measured the height a sample of the vinyl plank next to the bathroom flooring which is tiled. The difference is 0.75 inches.

First question, is 0.75 inches too much of a height difference for a transition piece?

If, yes to the question above what is the best way to account for the height difference?

  1. Install a underlayment of 3mm bringing it closer to .5 inches
  2. Install subfloor of .5 inches bringing it closer to .25 inches
  3. Something else _____________

If someone is walking around upstairs, it's noisy and you can hear them. It would be nice to have an extra layer of some sort to soften the sound. However, if 0.75 inches is a workable height difference for a transition piece, I can also live with it.

See photo below of height difference, this is with the vinyl sample against the bathroom tiled floor.

Please let me know your thoughts.

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