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24" cooktop over a 24" oven in a 24" Ikea base cabinet?

3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

Hello folks,

I'm designing a small IKEA kitchen with a small budget, and I'm pretty set on the 24" Convection Oven and the 24" Gas Cooktop from Bertazzoni (models below). I've checked out the installation guide and the cooktop can be installed over the oven (screenshot below as well).

I know that IKEA offers a 30" base cabinet for built-in ovens, but I'd like to save some cabinet space by using a 24" cabinet instead. Unfortunately, IKEA doesn't offer a 24" base cabinet specific for ovens. So instead, I'm considering using their plain 24" base cabinet to fit both my oven and cooktop:

Am I making a wise decision here? Will this provide enough room for proper ventilation? Curious if I'm overlooking any safety or design hazards by trying to save some cabinet space. Any advice/warning would be much appreciated.


*24” Bertazzoni cooktop:

*24” Bertazzoni built-in oven:

*24" IKEA base cabinet:

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