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Turkish Red Rug - how to coordinate with other rugs + Kitchen cabinet

2 years ago

I moved into my home just over a year ago and have not finished decorating or adding rugs - here are some photos of the space. My home is very small and I'm on a super tight budget. Hope to move that giant elliptical soon.. My style is somewhat funky and cozy, though I'd like to keep things more on the minimalist side. I have a black dog (pictured:) who sheds a TON, so I do need to be mindful of care - I'm thinking low pile rugs will be best. I'm struggling to find rugs that will match my 9'x12' red Turkish rug and flow throughout the living room to the hallway to the kitchen, to the back door. know that I don't want to add more Persian/Turkish/Vintage rugs. Maybe navy rugs? Cream/Black rugs?

Looking for rug suggestions in these areas:

  1. Entryway - 4-5' x 3-4'
  2. Yoga/Chaise/Chandelier corner - 6-8' x 5-7'
  3. Hallway - front (between the living and kitchen area) - 2x10'
  4. Hallway - back (between kitchen and back door) - 2x8'
  5. Kitchen - unsure on appropriate rug size - the main kitchen area is 5.5x11' - maybe a 4-6' rug?

I could also use help on selecting a cabinet or sideboard for this wall in my kitchen - the area under the shelving/racks/knifes. Size is a constraint here as the kitchen is so small. The cabinet needs to be less than 16' deep, height can be about 3', width about 3-3.75'. I was thinking green.. maybe a sage green, or a natural stained wood (not green) - something earthy to soften the white and black cabinets - but this selection can be dictated by the rugs. If anyone has any suggestions - I'd love to hear them.

I like the contrast of these rug suggestions - but can't seem to find a pairing that will work for my space.

This is what I'm calling the front hallway - a 2-10' rug is needed.

The yard stick is placed where a cabinet needs to go.

Here are some photos that I'll be framing and hanging. To give you an idea of my style.

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