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Things I have ordered online - - -

Tina Marie
3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

I do not enjoy shopping, other than antiquing. So I order a fair amount on-line even before the pandemic. But since the pandemic, I have ordered things I would have never thought about buying on-line!! I don't think I've been in a "shop" since March. Here's a few examples:

toilet paper - I use the subscription service on Amazon (actually this is something I was buying from Amazon before the pandemic. I like their subscribe and save service)

Christmas cards

Christmas napkins (didn't get used as even our small group did not get together)


new hairdryer

Christmas ribbon

I actually bought all Christmas gifts on-line other than a couple of items (candy, small toys) that I was able to get at the drugstore for a couple of kid's gifts.

Are you buying more on-line due to the pandemic? Anything out of the ordinary?

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