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My newly installed & painted ceiling sprung a leak

3 years ago

Not something you want to happen mid reno. F&^k!! We believe we've found and addressed the cause of the leak on the roof and the dripping has stopped. If we can get through the winter, I'll look into getting the roof redone.

Some details: I have a flat roof. Insulation is between the joists, then my dropped ceiling hangs from that. There is no access to the space between the ceiling and the roof apart from the cutouts for the ceiling lights in the drywall. And now it is wet in there - kill me!!! (there is no electricity hooked up yet, so no worries there)

Is there any way to effectively dry the insulation (rockwool) without taking the ceiling down?

I have fans pointed into the light cutouts and a dehumidifier going. Am I kidding myself here?

The water has made my ceiling paint bubble along the drywall joint where it leaked, though the drywall panel still feels pretty solid. If the drywall feels sound, does that suggest that its structural integrity has not been compromised? I've put a finger through wet drywall before. We are not at that level, but I'm also not an expert and don't want the ceiling to fall down.

Is the insulation ever going to dry up there if I just leave the fans/dehumidifiers going for however long required? I'm worried about mold. Am I right to worry? Any way to abate its growth? Are there any remedies that don't involve ripping down my new ceiling?

Yes, I called my contractor. No, he has not saw fit to return my call. And that was 36 h ago. So now I'm here.

Thanks all!

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