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"Boho" new living room gone wrong. Seeking advice!

2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

I just recently got a sofa, rug, and art. I'm not too happy with how things look. The room doesn't look boho. I'm worried that the rug is too big compared to the shorter length of the sofa. The size and darkness of it feels overwhelming. I got 7'9 by 11'2. I should have gotten 5'3" by 7'6" or 6'7" by 9'6." Everything looks too black/red/white. Too much of a 'clean' and cliche look. I guess maybe the white/black floral pillow is too contemporary looking. Maybe I can change it out with pillows with more color and a turkish design. I'm not sure what else to do. I was going for an warm, classy bohemian look. I'm also not too sure if I got the right colors for the framed art and if they make sense since once is red and the other is black and white and maybe that is throwing things off but I really liked the art. I was planning to get end tables and extra chair later on.

Here it is. Note I still need to add legs to the sofa once I get a drill and the art is not hung up yet.

This is my inspiration photo below. I feel like mine ends up looking cliche and unbalanced. Notice the rug in the photo is lighter, smaller and subtle.

Here are the white silk curtains on the way:

I'm not sure whether to:

1) Exchange the rug for a smaller one, same kind

2) Keep the rug, play with accessories and colorful throws

3) Change the art

4) Exchange and get a different, lighter/smaller rug

Any advice or suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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