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"Marble" countertop and white backsplash clashing?

2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

Hi everyone - I'm finalizing the finishes of a kitchen design to be used in a number of units on a small development project. I’ve attached an image of the typical kitchen layout which uses a combination of white and dark grey cabinets. The quartz countertop was thought to be selected (I was planning on going with Hanstone's Whistler: and backsplash tile (white benzene) was selected last week but I'm now having second thoughts. I’ve always perceived the Hanstone Whistler quartz as a typical “marble looking” quartz with a white base and subtle grey veining and I always thought (based on all the images I’ve seen of similar quartz products) that a white tile would look great. However, the attached image showing the tile against the quartz makes the quartz look very creamy. Is this contrast “normal” or do these just not work together? Is it possible that once the kitchen is finalized that the contrast will be a nonissue? Here is an example of this exact quartz with what appears to be a white tile backsplash: It looks great from the perspective of the picture but it is difficult to see exactly how the tile and counter interact. I’d be grateful for any feedback that you’re able to provide. Thank you

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