Home Office 2020

Simona Stafano
9 months ago

Please share your recent ideas and design for the Home Office of 2020. I’m in a process to redesign mine- need deep desk space (32”) to hold 2-3 27”( min ) monitors, another space for the monitor of the home security system, would like to ” hide” all networking equipment, no bookcases. Really difficult to achieve this one with ready to go furniture, so I will try to do it with some built in wall kitchen cabinets, butcher block as a desk top. If you are or working from home 8-10 hours evry day, ergonomics and functionality is must, but then I don’t like cold industrial office. Where is this middle ground of design and money spent to achieve a feeling of home, yet it will be your work space? like everything else , home office today doesn’t have to look heavy with bookcases with rarely any books, but some art pieces. I really have not seen a nice one with normal space for big monitors and where you sit.

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