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Ceiling fan light not working

Brad Kirby
3 years ago

I’m stumped...and I know I’m probably missing something dumb. My ceiling fan light stopped working. I originally thought it was the wireless controller so I replaced that (receiver connected to fan). I should have started here but when that didn’t work, I got the voltmeter out and started tracing things. I get 120 volts at the socket. Bent up center tab and still didn’t work. With nothing to lose, I took apart the socket so now I have the socket part and the tab at the bottom separate. I confirmed good voltage again, screwed the light into the socket part and touched the tab to the bottom of the light and still nothing. I’ve tried LED and incandescent bulbs (all verified good in another light) and nothing.

What else should I check? What else does a light bulb need to light other than 120v running through it?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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