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Buy house plans or hire an architect for home build?

Rachel Halas
2 years ago

Can anyone offer advice on whether we should buy house plans or hire local architect to help design a home? Which is the best site for good house plans? Seems like most house plans have to be tweaked anyway and I've read some reviews which say the plans needed to be totally reworked and were a waste of money. Owner has basic layout set in their mind. About a 2800 sq ft home with attached garage and first floor master, most important. Spacious kitchen and dining, family room not totally open to kitchen, and a cozy feel. Also, I read that "open" floor plans are a thing of the past now. I am interested in the new design trend. I like idea of good kitchen and dining flow or access to one another but large family room with some separation to cut down on noise and a cold, not cozy feel, with "too much openness" Any advice appreciated.

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