Color or white for custom closet cabinetry?

6 months ago
last modified: 6 months ago

My wife and I are deep into an addition on our house. Part of it being a huge closet. I am building our cabinetry from scratch. Originally, I was thinking to go with a medium grayish blue but in looking at houzz it seems EVERY closet that is not stained wood has white cabinets. Not sure if that is because manufacturers don't stock many other colors or it is just more practical/desirable but it has me doubting my initial idea. I'm not worried about resale as we plan to be here for another 25 years, but I don't imagine wanting to paint these again once they are put together for a very long time -- and while I love the idea of the blue now, I don't know if that'll last with trends. I'm sure the yellow tile in my bathroom when we bought our house was stylish at some point....

Any thoughts or ideas? bland but lasting or questionably bold? Photos are welcome!

In terms of decor for the room, the only thing we have purchased is this.

We will have a full height mirror as well, not certain which yet but leaning towards this or possibly something brass to match our bathroom mirror styling.

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