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Marvin Elevate vs. Kolbe Ultra vs. Kolbe VistaLuxe

2 years ago

Hi everyone -- I'm in the process of a new build and need to choose my windows. I'm currently looking at the following window lines and would love any feedback if you have personal experience with any of these.

-Marvin Elevate

-Kolbe Ultra

-Kolbe Vista Luxe

I'm going for a black exterior and have heard that Kolbe's paint is guaranteed not to fade as quickly as many of the other window brands. I'm still trying to get up to speed on all the differences re: construction materials, warranty, maintenance, options, etc. From what I gather these are all reputable brands. We have over 30 windows and doors so this is going to be a big piece of the budget. After some preliminary quotes it sounds like the Kolbe products are a good 30% more overall in price. This is going to be one of the first big ticket finish items for this project and I'm wondering whether or not to splurge or save it for other things like cabinetry/millwork. I have not looked into Marvin Ultimate line pricing.

Would love any advice thoughts feedback...Thank you!

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