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Tiny Bathroom - Layout Help (Bathtub or Shower?)

Olivia Smith
3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

Hi Everyone,

A few days ago I posted my small kitchen layout and received some incredible advice. We are also currently working on renovating a small bathroom that I hope to have a second opinion on.

Some background:

My partner and I recently purchased our first house, which is quite small. We have two bathrooms, one small one on the second floor, and one larger one in the basement. The bathroom we want to remodel is the smaller one which is 5'3x6'6 not including an irregular nook that is not full hight (pictured below). This is the bathroom we will be using everyday to shower, get ready, etc. Originally, it looks like this may have included a small bathtub, which the previous owners changed to a shower.

We are thinking of putting in a small vanity and toilet on one side, and a glass corner shower on the other side, using the "nook" to create some sort of built in shelf inside the shower. Between the shower and the window wall, we would include some sort of storage, potentially open shelving.

When we shared this plan with our families, they were concerned that when we have kids, it will be a nightmare to not have a bathtub upstairs and to have to bathe our kids in the basement every day where we do have a bathtub. They highly recommended we put a bathtub back in for this reason, as well as for resale value.

My concern is that while we technically could fit a small bathtub in, it will be very very tight, and may not look as nice. I'm also not sure how we would protect the window from water damage without getting a freestanding tub with a shower curtain that goes around the side and front. In terms of resale value, I am not sure if potential buyers would chose one over the other.

I would love to hear everyones opinion on what they would do with this space to make it functional and attractive. Bathtub or shower? What type? Is there anything you would change with the layout?

To add: This is actually a dormer so we cant easily move any of the walls. We also can't fit in a pocket door because of pipes and ducts in the wall.

Thank you everyone!

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