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Quartzite counter - water soaks in (only in one spot)?

2 years ago

I have a new Michaelangelo quartzite countertop and i absolutely love it. It was installed less than a week ago and the installers sealed it on site. I noticed today I had splashed some water on the counter near the sink. It probably sat there for 30ish min, and when I wiped it up it left a dark spot that faded and disappeared. This leads me to believe a) the counter is porous in that spot and b) it perhaps needs to be sealed again.

I do believe that what I have really is quartzite but even if it is marble, I’m totally fine with that. I had marble on a very frequently used coffee bar in a previous house and I sealed regularly and cleaned often, but had no issues keeping it looking nice. I just want to know how to take care of this new countertop to minimize any risk of staining.

I will call the company when they open on Monday before I do anything, but any tips on what I should do and/or look out for? Is it possible they just didn’t hit that one spot very well with the sealer? Water seems to bead everywhere else I’ve tested so far.

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