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Coretec: Springfield Oak, Copano or Palo Alto installation pics?

2 years ago

I have samples of these and can't found any "real" pics of them installed to see the repeats. Even the Coretec site seems to have Photoshopped versions of the room views. Thanks for any help!

Coretec Pro Plus Springfield Oak

Coretec Pro Plus Copano Oak

Coretec Plus Enhanced Palo Alto Walnut

Comments (5)

  • Jess Raymond
    2 years ago

    I came on here looking for the same info. Their website isn't very helpful. I checked out their instagram but they don't seem to have any of those colors

  • E
    2 years ago

  • bondia
    2 years ago

    E, that looks really nice, thanks for posting the photo, I've got a sample of that with me right now.

  • E
    2 years ago

    Coretec Springfield Oak- just finished today and I love it!

  • angelar821
    last year

    Did you find it has that odd claw mark look on some of the planks? It’s keeping me from wanting it! Leaning now towards more expensive Lucent Oak because of it.