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Help me fix these red tiles in master bathroom please!

3 years ago

Hi Everyone,

Our master bathroom in our soon to be new house has these red tiles that I really, really dislike. We can't afford to tear out the floor right now so I am looking for some ideas to creatively hide these bad boys. The only thing I can think of is a stencil but I have no idea what design/pattern to go with because I don't have an eye for this stuff. Has anyone here stenciled tile floors before and if so what is the best way to go about it? What design do you all recommend that I use to hide most of the red, if not all? Are there any other choices I have besides going the stencil route? Here is a pic of our floors, I'm sorry it's not the best pic, I had to pull it off of the net. The other floor tiles are a dark gray color, I know it may look more black in this pic, but it isn't.


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