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I hate my new house color, what do I do?

Ashley F
2 years ago

We tested new colors for our 60s ranch block home for weeks. I landed on Nimbus Gray for the house, Smokestack Gray for shutters and a beautiful yellow door. when I looked at the very large swatches I painted on the house it looked perfect and just what I wanted: a gray with a little bit of blue in it. Now that we have it painted... it looks like a baby blue ocean liner and I’m drinking every night to deal with the regret. this is not the bluish gray I wanted; it’s straight up saturated blue. Not classy.

the shutters are awful, too close to the house color and also too blue. I’m thinking I could easily paint them a warm, dark gray and maybe that would help tone down the Blue-ness of the house. what do you think? do I have other options? Re-painting the house is unfortunately not an expense we can take on. I am trying to think of ways to either tone down the blue house color, or embrace the blue and just classy it up a bit.

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