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Advice Needed: Kitchen Layout + Appliance Size (and brand)

3 years ago

Hello all!

This is my first time posting so thanks in advance for your support/ recommendations. My fiance and I are underway on a whole home remodel and require some input on my kitchen layout and appliance size/ grade selection. I have included 2 photos: one of the current layout, and one of the renderings.


  • Kitchen is 15'x16'
  • Island is 9'x5'
  • Ceiling 9' above range sloping up at 4/12

Currently included in the design:

  • 36" sink
  • 36" cooktop
  • 30" wall oven and microwave
  • 42" fridge
  • Awful decor/ lighting selections, please ignore these!

Considerations/ Usage:

  • 2 of us living in the house
  • Entertain ~1/ month
  • Neither of us do a ton of cooking/ baking
  • Home is in an up and coming neighborhood. Many homes being torn down and re-built. We won't compete w/ them on sq/ft, but want to be somewhat comparable on finish quality.
  • We plan on staying for 10+ years


  1. 42" built in vs 36" slide in fridge. Price is somewhat of a consideration.
  2. 36" vs 48" Cooktop/ Range - does this impact home value and do we have enough room?
  3. Range vs cooktop + wall oven
  4. Induction vs gas - I'm leaning towards gas because that's what I grew up with
  5. Kitchen-aid vs Jenn-air - or other?
  6. Any layout red flags would be greatly appreciated!


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