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What exterior siding most resembles wooden planks painted white?

Nancy H
last year

Hello all,

We lived in a historic home built in 1850 for 20 years, and the upkeep on the old wooden siding and wooden shutters was very expensive and seemed to need attention to find and replace sections of board (difficult, expensive and time-consuming to even find the timber and someone who knew how to do the work) frequently.

We finally got all of the various problem areas done and spent a LOT of money to slather the whole house with a number of coats of excellent quality white paint and sold and moved while it looked great! We agreed we'd never live in a wood-sided home again.

We then built a brick Georgian, and have loved it, but are going to move again and are planning to build another new house that looks like an old one. It will be a white Southern farmhouse style with double porches.

I'd love to know if Hardieplank is still the gold standard for exterior cladding if we want a real wood look and something that will hold up well to direct sunlight. We don't mind painting as needed, but don't want to have to deal with the rot issues that plagued us with the wooden siding of our old homeplace.

Is there some new technology that is better? Or go with the tested and true?


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