Kitchenaid KRFC704FPS or alternatives?

Leslie Knope
8 months ago

Hello Everyone. So after ironing out the budget my DH nixed the subzero idea because it would cost an arm and a leg and require us to reconfigure the cabinetry in our just purchased home so I am now looking at counter-depth fridges in order to get the look as best I can. I really like the KRFC704FPS model, but am worried about the mixed reviews with things breaking. I know people are more apt to posting/reviewing when things go wrong, but I just wanted some advise and reassurance if anyone has this model or has any other fridge suggestions. I love how sleek this fridge looks and the interior is beautiful! I feel like most fridges look exactly the same on the inside, but this one is so stylish. Any advise would be greatly appreciated!

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