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Flooring - Hardwood Entire 1st Floor or Stone In Areas

John Jennings
2 years ago

I've completed my kitchen/living flooring with hardwood maple flooring. Between the living room and bedrooms there is a walkway with only 3 steps going up to this level. I am also putting stone tile for my wood stove hearth both on the floor and on the wall behind it.

My plan was to use the stone in the small hallway that connects the kitchen to the bedrooms because I enjoy doing tile more than putting in hardwood flooring. It's also less money. I am reading people saying this will cause "choppiness" breaking this up. Also, if I use wood throughout the first floor it will give the home a larger appearance.

I included 4 pics. The first is showing all wood including stairs and landing. Second is putting in stone in the hallway only. Third is hardwood on stairs and landing. Last is stone stairs/hallway and finishing bedrooms with laminate flooring.

I'm thinking about the effect this will have when I try to sell my place possibly 10 years from now. As it is now potential buyers will first see the open kitchen with the maple flooring going into the living room. The hallway/landing is 3 stairs higher so I'm there already is some "choppiness" but obviously more if I don't go with hardwood.

I'm "guesstimating" the wood flooring throughout all areas will cost me $2500.00 doing it myself (and a lot of work). This will cost much less and easier to do using stone and/or laminate.

So, for ROI is it worth it to put in the flooring in the bedrooms or hallway? Do you think for resale people are really going to care if the bedrooms have hardwood? I personally don't care but I don't want to waste time either putting in something I'll regret when it comes time to sell.

Thanks for any thoughts.

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