A couple of shutter questions for beach house...

Laurie Laville
11 months ago


We are having operable Aeratis shutters along the front porch. Because the neighbor's home is not elevated, the right side of the porch will have a built in wall of fixed Aeratis privacy shutters. There will be about a 12" opening at the top of that shutter wall and 3" at the bottom.

The house will be SW Pure White. All of the porch rails and banisters (already up but I don't have a current photo) will be Pure White. I think the shutters will be SW 6211 Rainwashed. I have a few questions:

1. Should the privacy wall shutters be Rainwashed as well? Or maybe Pure White? So far I am leaning towards matching all of the shutters to be Rainwashed.

2. Should the door in Rainwashed too? I am leaning towards painting it Rainwashed.

3. Shutters on those double windows of the dormer? The smaller dormers on either side will not have shutters. I suggested skipping shutters on the double windows and the builder says we should put shutters there in order to look right. I don't think it is a code issue. (I have never liked small shutters that don't fully cover a window and am not sure what full sized shutters would look like there.)

For those who are tech savvy and can add things to help visualize options, I'd love to see options on the picture. Thank you in advance!

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