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Help with window treatments for Victorian bay windows and picture rail

2 years ago

We just purchased a lovely Victorian (built in 1891) and have come up with a bit of a quandary with how to dress the windows in the living room and office. The combination of window type and depth and that we're first-time homeowners has made this a bit of a trick! Thanks, all, in advance for any guidance you're able to offer!

Both have bay windows (three windows in the living room, two in the office), 3.75-inch trim around the windows, and a picture rail between the top of the windows and the ceiling. The depth of the windows is a mere 1/4 inch. These rooms are in the front of the house and will be where we spend a fair amount of our time, so both privacy and style are important here. We're thinking we'll have a combo of shades and curtains.

Style-wise, we're generally more modern than traditional, but we'd also like to honour the style and character of the house. The rooms also both have exposed brick.

This all leaves me with several questions:

Where do I place the curtain rod? And would floor-length curtains or shorter be best? There is anywhere from 2 to 6 inches between the top of the window trim and the picture rail. I read in another Houzz discussion a suggestion to hang the rod along the picture rail, but that user had more space between rail and trim--not sure how much of a difference that would make.

Also, everything I've uncovered has indicated that 1/4-inch depth is far too slim a margin for inside mounted shades. Any chance I'm wrong there? What placement would you recommend for an outside mount? And is there a particular style that would look best in this scenario? We tend to prefer cellular and roller shades over other styles.

Thanks again! I'm at a bit of a loss and so appreciate this community!

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