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HELP! Interior Color for a Craftsman House with Wood trims?

Cathy Mallet
2 years ago

I have a huge dilemma. We just bought a Craftsman House and we are unsure what color paint we are going to use for the area mentioned below:

1. In the main area of the house, we have an entrance, living room, kitchen, dining room and hallway all in the same area (there is a stairway in the center of the home).

2. We also have a little den that has a lot of windows with a water view.

3. Finally, a half bathroom with a washer and dryer. PS: We want to paint the shelves below the washer and dryer.

We really needs some help to find paint colors for those area, so here are a few pictures of the interior! We hate dark color unless it's for a accent wall. Otherwise we love whites, beige, but NO yellow, brown or green.

Please keep in mind that we are NOT going to paint our trims, at first that's what I was going to do until I visit the home, the trims are very rich and makes the home feels more welcoming.

Thank you in advance!

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