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Nice refrigerator without water and ice dispensers?

3 years ago

Did anyone find a well-constructed fridge that does NOT have a water or ice dispenser?

We are looking for a refrigerator for our new construction home (we left our old one with the home we sold, although we didn't like it very much anyway). The water in our area is not the best so we will get a reverse osmosis system for our sinks for drinking water and keep ice trays in the freezer instead.

As we're selecting appliances for our home, I am really starting to lean towards no frills but well-constructed items. We do not want wi-fi connectability and the more analog controls the better. We are looking for dependability and functionality more than looks for sure, but I do like the shelving and features of many of the higher end fridges-- just no ice maker, water dispenser, or wi-fi connection please.

One fridge I've looked at in-person was a Thermador built-in fridge but it was built for a giant! There was no way I could reach the top shelves without a stepstool. The other was a Bosch standalone, very nice looking but opened the door and there's a water dispenser inside. I don't remember if it had an ice maker.

Thank you all in advance!

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