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Help! I can’t pick an coffee table/ottoman

last year
last modified: last year

We just bought our first house and are completely redoing our living room set up, which I’m really excited about but having some trouble finding an coffee table/ottoman that will match. We plan on painting a lighter warm grey (currently thinking Sherwin-Williams Repose Grey) and the floors are a medium-dark warmer wood.

We’re buying a dark grey leather sectional:

I plan on adding several pillows in dark blue and white in different textures (velvet/linen). We’ll probably also go with a blue area rug (we have very active dogs so a dark rug is a must). Our media center will be walnut with matte black pulls/legs

I want an upholstered coffee table or ottoman that can function as one, but I’m not sure what color to go for or what will actually work in this space to create the modern but cozy look I’m going for. Those with a better design eye than me, please help me!

Added: our space is pretty bright and open, so the grey will read pretty light. A couple pictures of this color in action (not our house) -

our floor isn’t this dark, but to give you an idea, once painted it will look like this:

Without the mounted tv and with windows on either side instead of mirrors, one wall looks just like this:

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