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Small Full Bath Remodel Cost and Contract

3 years ago

We are in the Pacific Northwest working on remodeling our small full bathroom that is about 40 square feet. We are removing a wall below the bathroom and have to shift all of the plumbing to another wall. The bathroom is on the second floor and there is easy access through the first floor and in the basement to the sewer line, so the plumbing seems pretty straight forward. We picked out all of our fixtures, which ended up around $10k. We received a bid of almost $50k for the bathroom (including tax), which seems high for a bathroom of this size. It is a cost plus bid at 25%. The contract outlined the costs of fixtures and install at $14k, but did not include costs for plumbing, electrical. It did not have a full breakdown of how the $50k was arrived to though. In our conversation, they clarified that the plumbing costs were about $9k, but there was nothing in the contract on where they got the additional $30k. This is our first house and first renovation and want to know whether this price seems right as well as whether the contract is standard.

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