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How to deal with someone criticizing my design choices/style?

So, I moved into my home nearly two years ago, and I have gotten some decorating done but I still have a long way to go. My decor style is somewhat eclectic as I like mixing vintage with newer pieces and putting together a mix of bohemian, rustic, and traditional elements and weaving them intentionally. I love expressionist oil paintings, dramatic prints and some traditional oil paintings and creating a comfortable, very personal living space. My main accent colors are pink, green, and blue in my living room. My furniture is a mix of dark brown, light brown, and white. (pillows and decor items usually consists one or a combo of my accent colors)

I love my home and I know that's all that matters, but lately, my mother, who is very opinionated, has a habit of saying I shouldn't buy the things I buy, and that they look bad. I know she only says this because she can't visualize the pieces I pick for my space, because:

1. her style is very formal, renaissance/traditional with very regal, ornate, heavy pieces, whereas I like creating a more laid-back, relaxed environment. and

2. when she actually does see the pieces I buy for my home, she ends up really liking it and compliments my overall decor and general decor arrangement.

I don't know how to block-out her comments because they do sting on occasion and it saddens me that she can't trust my design vision. She even said at one point, "You were raised around very formal living spaces, so how can your style be so far away from that?"

How can let her comments roll of my back, and if you've been ever criticized for your design choices, how did you deal with the negativity?

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