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Help with hardwood floor selection! UV cured oil finish any good?

2 years ago

Hello! I need help with my search for new engineered hardwood. I have been looking primarily at Canadian brands (Vintage, Lauzon, Mirage, and Mercier) but so far I haven't found a style that I really like. I recently came across a brand called Coswick and I instantly fell in love with their offerings. I guess I prefer European oak? Anyway, Coswick became my clear frontrunner until I realized that the styles I want have a "silk oil" finish rather than a polyurethane finish. The hardwood would be used all throughout my condo, including the kitchen and other high traffic areas, so scratches, water and other stains are a major concern.

Coswick uses a silk oil, which they describe as follows: "Silk Oil consists of 4 layers of UV-cured modified organic oil-acrylates. Silk Oil easily penetrates into the surface pores of wood, where it polymerizes under UV light. In appearance, this type of hardwood flooring finish is similar to Hardwax Oil, but is distinguished by higher wear resistance." More info here:

It sounds like silk oil is better than regular oil, but still not as resilient as a polyurethane finish (by their own admission, it's not as wear resistant as UV cured lacquer finishes). But their care and maintenance instructions suggest that it's a lot of work: "Maintenance of hardwood floors with Silk Oil finish assumes regular (daily if necessary) cleaning from dust and grit using a vacuum, followed by a thorough cleaning with Coswick Hardwood Floor Cleaner or other similar product."

Does anyone have experience with Coswick, specifically with their silk oil finished engineered hardwood? Anyone have any insight into UV cured oil finishes? Will I regret going with a Coswick silk oil finished hardwood?

Alternatively, can anyone suggest any reputable brands that offer European oak with a matte PU finish?

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